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Friday, March 16, 2012

Veggie Garden Update - 16 March 2012

So after finally planting my seedlings and seeds last Friday - a week later I am finally seeing some good results!  
The photos above shows the seedlings I planted surrounded by lucerne mulch - Left is Leeks and Beetroot; top right is Cauliflour, Broccoli and Corriander (plant Corriander with Cauliflour and Broccoli as they grow well together and can help keep pests at bay); bottom right is one of my Cauli seedlings with new growth in the centre of the plant!

To my surprise yesterday night I noticed that my Silverbeet seedlings have finally sprouted!!  Germination is roughly 10 days - so I guess these little plants are keen to get out and start growing! (see photo below).  This weekend I have to mulch and put down some snail repellent to keep the slugs at bay!

Below is a photo of my Silverbeet (bottom left) and Carrot bed (middle of photo) - no Carrot heads poking through yet - they take about 20 days to germinate.

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