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Friday, March 16, 2012

Road Testing the Bellini Intelli Kitchen Master - Day 1, Part 2

Onto Part 2 of my road test...  After a bit of a disappointing start with the potato, we decided to make a strawberry and chocolate smoothy for dessert (super easy!)

So I started with about 2 cups of ice, placed it into the bowl then blitzed on the highest speed (10) (very noisy) for about 10-15 seconds, until the ice looked nice and crushed.  I then added a handful of hulled strawberries and put on speed 5 for 5 seconds.  I took the lid off and had a look (see below).  I then added a good squirt of Cotties chocolate topping and 500ml of milk.  Put the lid back on and blitzed on speed 4 for 10 seconds.  Poured it into 2 glasses and we had it as our dessert!  It tasted good!!

This weekend I am going to try and make the following:
  • Risotto (from page 23 of the Bellini recipe book)
  • Raw Beetroot salad (from the Thermomix Cookbook - I had this cooked for me at a TM demo)
  • Hummus 
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  1. I bought one too, only four in the shop and my mother and I wanted one, so it was almost a run to the electrical dept, with trolleys hot on my heels.. I love it. I have been to a Thermomix demo and have friends with one and I am not feeling hard done by at all, yet. I made lemon sorbet, but think I almost made my ice into water, but it wasstill icy and tasted great. Then several brown rice and steamed veggies too. I also made a cake with great success and now have bread rising, waiting to cook. I am loving this so far. I do hope it lasts and is reliable, time will tell. Enjoy.

  2. Thanks for sharing! I too bought a Bellini as I was due for a new mix-master anyway, so figured I'd spend an extra $50 and try this machine out!

    I in no way expect it to perform like TM... but if all it does is replace my blender, mixer and rice cooker.... then it's worth every cent for the extra room in the cupboard.

    As soon as I unpacked and washed it, the kids requested a banana smoothie - no dramas there - perfect result!

    Then mixed up a batch of muffins. Again - great result.

    Third was brown rice. I found it needed more water and longer cooking time, but otherwise - end result- cooked brown rice! lol

    I'm looking forward to trying some more recipes soon, and hearing about other people's experiements.

  3. Thanks for the honest reviews! Looking forward to seeing how you go with the Risotto, Beetroot Salad (YUM!!) and Hummus.

  4. Thanks for sharing with us . you did a great job

  5. Could you please email me a copy of the recipe book too? Email to
    Many thanks for your honest review & looking forward to more info. This product has pretty much sold out in Sydney. Have one on layby so will get acquainted with it thru your shared experiences until it comes in 6-8 weeks time.

  6. Hi I brought one of these on eBay but didn't come with recipe book dose anyone have some recipes to share or know where I can get some thanks email is thank you.