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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Bellini Intelli Kitchen Master - Update - TACOS!

I haven't posted for a few days, and most recently I have been making things on the stove or slow cooker (beef ragout and chicken and leek pie - yummmm will post recipe if anyone is interested?), I have however been using the KM to make a few dips, salsa, beetroot salad etc.  So last night I thought I'd give Tacos a go in the KM.

I put in the jug a dash of olive oil and the beef mince (about 450gms), put in the butterfly and set speed to 3 and temperature to 80d for about 4 minutes.... I put it on and stayed close by to watch it (I wasn't feeling that confident!)... After about 2 minutes I took the lid off and decided to have a look - and I noticed that the mince wasn't browning very well, but was starting to burn on the bottom (surprise, surprise!).  I put the lid on and gave it another few minutes... still not happy I decided to give up and cook my mince on the stove like normal.

Here are some photos of my efforts...

After about 2 mintues

Mince starting to burn and stuck to the bottom of the bowl

I am going to try something else in the KM early next week - I will follow a recipe from the book and post my findings!

What has everyone else been frying in the KM - have you had any luck?

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  1. I had not luck. I tried making chilli con carne over the weekend. It burnt on the bottom and instead of browning the meat it ended up being more poached like. It was terrible. My bowl looked like yours. Also I had trouble with the blades. Not sure why, could be something to do with parmesain cheese I tried to chop but the blades where off axis and loose.

    I took my machine back yesterday for a full refund after I contacted the manufactuer with the issues I was having.

    Other than that I did have a good run making rissoto, ice cream, cakes etc.

    I was going to use the machine as a stepping stone as I am saving for a thermomix, also if it lasted longer for me it would show to my husband that yes this machine is useful for our family and our busy lifestyle etc etc

    I hope you have more luck

  2. Just thought i would let you all know anyone who has purchased this kitchen appliance they have a fault and have been recalled so you need to take it back to were you purchased it from. They have a software issue and that's why things are burning. They are fixing the software issue and will be released around the 14th May 2012. Please do take them back and get a rain check, as these may cause a house fire. Please pass the message on this is no joke i am an honest Lady Thanks

    1. I have been assured by the manufacturer that there is no recall. The software fault may cause burning to the base of the pot, however, there is no safety recall and it is quite safe to use until you receive your replacement unit.

  3. Hi,
    A lady on the bubhub posted a link to a site that is selling a re-badged Bellini that has a great recipe book that you can download in PDF format.

    I've been having fun with mine, saving money and time making yummy healthy food!

  4. I know its a bit of an expense, but I bought my Thermomix on 3 months interest free,(I think at the moment they are also offering 12 months interest free) and have now had it for 3 years without one problem.
    The reverse function that these cheaper models do not have, I would consider essential to successful cooking.
    I can cook fettucini in mine, and spag bol takes 20 minutes and I am confident of bathing the kids while letting TM carry on unsupervised.
    If you cant reverse while cooking you will find everying mushed.
    I have help though my consultant and blogs and websites dedicated to the TM.
    Like I said, I know its a huge expense (and trust me I couldnt afford it either when I signed up!) but the quality is unmatched, so if you can, hold out for the TM... I cant rave about it enough!