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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Veggie Gardening in Melbourne Autumn

Well it has been a big start to 2012 for me!  After moving in to a new home (with a backyard!) we are finally settled and enjoying the responsibilities of having our own home to love and take care of.  Apart from the mad rush that is the new year with summer celebrations, parties and get togethers, we are now just taking the time to complete all the little things we have set out to accomplish in 2012.
So firstly on my list is to build our own veggie garden!  Last week Mr D did the labour intensive job of digging out grass, creating edging and back filling with organic soil whilst I was off at work doing my thing (what a jem he is!).  We purchased our organic soil from Daisy's at Carrum Downs, a landscaping and gardening business that specialises in soils, rocks and mulch.  We purchase a half cubic meter for only $24!  MUCH cheaper than buying it by the bag from the local hardware store.  Our veggie patch is approximately 8 meters long, by about 600mm deep, with a 1 meter squared bit at the end.

Unfortunately I forgot to take any 'before' photos, but here are some finished shots.  Where the beds are now located, is where grass used to be.


I went to the Dandenong markets with a girlfriend on Saturday and found a few stalls who were selling seedlings at a very reasonable price... I picked up Broccoli, Cauliflour, Leeks and Beets for $2.50 each.  I also bought some Carrot and Chard seedlings... So my job for this weekend is planting the seedlings and seeds!

Being a novice at growing vegetables, I found this book to be extremely helpful and I'm so glad I purchased it.  I highly recommend any first time gardener, it gives you all the information you'll ever need from preparing soils, planting, companion planting, pest control, harvesting, saving seeds and even gives you lists of vegetables/herbs/fruit and details of when to plant!

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