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Monday, March 19, 2012

Sundried Tomato and Feta Dip

Good morning, who wishes they were still in bed? (I sure do!)

After quite a busy weekend I made some time on Saturday to try out the Risotto from page 24 of the cookbook.  Whilst browsing on the Thermomix community website I came across a Tomato and Feta dip decided to give it a go!

Here's how the dip went.... you can find the recipe here...... I added Basil instead of parsley; put all the ingredients into the bowl and whizzed together on speed 5 for about 10 seconds until the dip was combined, I then scraped down the sides and whizzed again for about 5 seconds to bring it all together.

I can say it was the nicest dip I've ever made!  You can adapt this dip in many ways too... swap sundried tomatoes for roasted capsicums; or artichokes; or olives; or just use a whole bunch of basil!  The combinations are endless.

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  1. Looks delicious! Loving this blog can't wait to see what else you do with the Bellini.

  2. Hi, I'm following your Blog with interest. I have a Bellini on layby and am waiting for reviews so I can decide whether I want it or not. My main worry is the bottom burning when cooking. How did the risotto go?

  3. hello i am so enjoying your blog I too have always wanted a thermomix but couldn't justify its price dispite it's quality.So like many I ran to targets n luckily got the intelli bellini which I'm lovin didn't think i would.With success I've made smoothie. mash potatoes( Iheld back a lil of fluid),made the french bread today
    as per recipie made it as loaf rather than bagettes YUM!!! crispy
    crust and s0oo soft inside, machine had no trouble doing.Im not comparing it to thermomix just seeing if it can stand on its own merit.So far its worth the money i paid.

    1. Hello again I had made the above comment ...all true..but I tried your risotto but after 3 attempts..tears frustrations ..smoke burning and machine shuttin down with e3 Ive given has been a bittersweet ride as long as i dont cook in bowl it works perfectly kneads,mixes.blends,steams.but frying just burns now everytime even if machine is cool to start with,less temperature(no higher than 80c)more fluid it still burns...Im going to return to targets this mornin with a heavy heart...I do hope you continue to have success with yours.katia

    2. Hi Katia! That must be such a disappointment - I can only imagine how frustrated you must be :( Are you going to request a replacement or just get your money back? You may have just been unlucky and got a bad one? Let me know how you get on with Target

    3. hello its me again just letting you know my husband n I took it back to targets and got a full refund! no probs at all they said it was the 1st to come back...offered an exchange when new delivery comes in but I declined as when I rang Bellini they said quote"we have been getting many reports of similar reports and are working with the manufacturer in improving the matter" I'm not alone and I don't feel confident a new one be any different.I'm seriously considering payment plan for the Real Thermomix.But thats my story I wish you all the best with your machine and I'll continue reading your blog I made your dip...yum ...take care katia

  4. Loving your blog. Just purchased my bellini tonight and very excited to get started but abit disappointed with the recipe book could anyone help or email me some beautiful recipes that are exciting and make me believe i am going to get my monies worth from this product. My email is . Your dip looks so easy and yummy cant wait to try it thanks

  5. I have just rediscovered my love of sun dried tomatoes...Love it in dip too!