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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Bellini Intelli Kitchen Master - Available at Target!

So I received my Target catalogue in my inbox earlier this week and I was surprised to see what looked like a Thermomix knock off!  Considering I'm in love with Thermomix and have always wanted one, but sadly can't afford it at this stage, I decided to look further into it....

I went to the Bellini website ( and had a look around... I couldn't see much info on the Intelli Kitchen Master so I decided to email the manufacturer and ask for an electronic copy of the instruction manual.  I promptly received a reply from Bellini with the attached PDF document.  I was impressed with the professional looking document and the content was good (but not as thorough as the Thermomix).  I then asked them to email me a copy of the recipe book... Now.. I had search the internet and found some pretty bad reviews about the Bellini cookbook and how it was a blatant knock off of the TM recipes... So I was surprised when the recipe book I received was not like this at all (I'm guessing they updated it and did it correctly).  Yes the cookbook isn't that amazing and it could be improved, and also to me it seems kind of 'Americanized', but if you are a bit saavy you can search for TM recipes on the various websites and forums and adapt accordingly.

So I made the decision to buy one... with a 12 month warranty offered as standard by Target; if it breaks or stops working, I can just take it back for a refund/replacement... So I guess for $269, it's worth giving it a shot, right!?

I know it's no Thermomix and I'm not expecting it to be!  I'm going to give mine a whirl tonight and over the weekend and will post some reviews, recipes and my thoughts on the product.

Please feel free to leave me a comment or send me an email if you have also bought the product and want to share thoughts/recipes.

Eat Sew Love


  1. I am very interested to hear how it goes! I too would like a thermomix but seriously at this stage of my life (trying to save for a house) I just cannot justify it. I put one on no deposit layby this morning so I have some time to see some reviews before I put any money down...

  2. Ooooo i just put one on layby at my local target (it was the last one there.. and it only went on sale today!)
    I am VERY keen to see how you go =) x

  3. I would love to hear your comments. I've been to two Thermomix demos and see that it is a great product, but also had a hefty price tag. Good luck with your cooking!

  4. Thanks for stopping by and reading my blog! I too have been to a few Thermomix demos, but am not in the position to afford one either at the moment.

    I can't wait to get home tonight and give it a whirl! Keep in touch and keep checking back on my blog for updates! xoxo

  5. Hi eat_sew_love... I just wondered if you could forward me the instruction manual and cookbook? I too contacted the manufacturer but so far with no luck :( lol.. My email address is I would really appreciate it :) xx

  6. Well I had to volunteer at my child's school this morning instead of rushing off to Target. So after I was finished, down to Target I went, and of course, they had all gone. I got them to ring around and luckily a Target put one aside for off I went! I have one and I'm looking forward to using it as well. Can't say much about the recipe book....pretty pathetic if you ask me but I'm not complaining (you can't really complain when you buy a rip-off product!). So, I am looking forward to hearing how you go and what you make! :)

  7. I will be following this with interest and eager to hear how it works. Not sure that its something I would personally use but would make great Christmas gifts for the ladies in the family should they be successful :)

  8. To the person asking above the manual and that are now avaiable at : they are up and down a bit as they edit it i think. Yesterdays version was MUCH better than the poorly one from a few days ago.

    I too laybyed one this morning and am awaiting the reviews before purchase. I have wanted a TM for years but cant afford $2k outlay. At the very least this might acutally help cut food costs coz can do more from scratch cheaper :P

  9. Hello Eat Sew Love.

    I put the Bellini on layby today. I have desperately wanted a Thermie for two years however, we cannot afford one. I drool over a friends machine all the time. Hopefully this purchases will satisfy what I wish to do with it and then when it dies I maybe more financial to to get the Thermie.

    I will be following your blog with interest as I will not be able to collect mine for a few weeks (to many other bills and expenses get priority).

    I have been able to download the User Manual tonight to browse thru and become familiar with it. Can I ask for you to email me the recipe book so I can familiarise myself with it, it would be most apprecaited. My email is

    I look forward to reading how you go over the weekend.


  10. Hello :-)

    I bought one last night too, it was the last one at the Target I went to. And the first Target I went to was sold out. Popular.

    Unfortunately the Recipe Book was missing from the box! I will contact the manufacturer today to try and get a copy. I really wanted to use it this morning :-(

    Would you please be able to email me the Recipe Book?

    Thanks so much, Ev oxoxo.

  11. Could not help it just had to go pick my layby up as I want to play with it over the weekend. I am not going to pretend that it is a Thermomix as certainly the quality and features are different. As long as it does what I need till I can afford a Thermie then I will be happy.

    Anyway unpacked - mine came with one recipe book and two user books. Anyone missing a user book??

    They certainly have trimmed a few recipes out of the book as the one you kindly emailed me is around 57 pages and the one that came with it is 66.

    Straight home and washed it and started cooking a Chicken Cacciatore Risotto (from the thermomix recipe forum).

    It is nice and a hit with the kids. Such an easy way to do risotto after work, daycare and school.

    I friend of mine who has a Thermie has passed on a few of her favourtie recipes to me so we can compare.

    All the best to those who purchased one.

  12. My machine came with a recipe book (with many instances of the word Thermomix and TM in it!!) and was able to download the same version off the website last night, but now cannot find an online version on the link given above.

    Did anyone manage to find the updated version online?

  13. Hi - Just bought one but no recipe book. Just burnt some onions whilst trying to make a soup. Any chance you could email me the recipe book at Regards

  14. If your thermomix didnt come with a recipe book you could just ring your consultant and she would fix the problem el pronto. My consultant is wonderful and emails me new recipes all the time. If you plan on using the TM recipes in your Bellini don't expect them to work out. The recipes have been tried and tested in the TM and are specifially for the TM's capabilities. Not sure if the Bellini will have the same capabilities. I fall in love with my TM everyday and it never lets me down, nor does my TM consultant. She is amazing. Do people realise they have payment options available to them from Thermomix.?

  15. The recipe books were plucked out of many boxes, as they were copied straight from some thermomix cookbooks, and many recipes were blatantly ridiculous!
    Contact target for an updated recipe book (minus the thermomix references ) LOL

  16. Oh my gosh,
    I bought one today and I got manual but no recipe booklet.
    Can I pretty pretty please have a copy emailed to me please
    Thanks so much

  17. Hi all, I bought one as well - wasn't sure what to expect but am gladly impressed! My mum gave me a recipe which I tweaked a little and it turned out to be even quicker & easier than it was in her thermomix. It is for Mango ice-cream if anyone's interested, you could substitute any frozen fruit, tomorrow I'm trying raspberries:
    500g frozen mango (cut into 3cm chunks)
    1 tray frozen milk,
    50g sweetened condensed milk (I added more cause I'm a sweet tooth!)
    50g cream
    Place all into the bowl and set it to about 30 secs on speed 5 -7-10 (say 10 secs on each setting - just until it's smooth, you made need longer than 30 secs total, see how you go) That's it!

  18. Hey hun, when I make custard or yogurt it kinda burns down the bottom. :0/
    Does yours do this??

  19. Hi, I too have just bought the bellini! Also without a recipe book, is it possible to send a copy to

  20. Hi all, made the meatballs and sauce on page 32 of the recipe booklet. FANTASTIC! It was cooking for around to 20 minutes on 120 degrees and no burn marks cleaned up like a dream. I am so impressed so far. I saw another blogger who made butter, I will be trying that next!

  21. Macaroni Cheese tonight, straight from a recipe off the Thermomix recipe forum. Doubled the mixture and added a little chicken stock - mmmm. The kids loved it! Some burn marks, but came off when I whizzed some warm water and detergent on speed 10 for 20 seconds. Couldn't be happier with my purchase! Happy cooking all :D

  22. I purchased the last one at the Ballarat store....was almost too scared to open the box at first, I had heard so many bad things on line.... tried a couple of things last weekend and found they worked ok, but did have burning on the base of the jug, now I know this is common from the other posts. i will be very, very interested in your blog. BTW I did receive a recipe book, with many references to thermomix!!

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  24. Hi I just bought the Bellini today. The recipe booklet is very small with not a lot of information. Could you also send me the recipe book that you have. Please send it to me at

  25. Hi Eat Sew Love.

    I too have missed out on the recipe book when I purchased my Intelli recently. Could I pretty please have a copy via email? - I am loving my Intelli so far - brilliant for cooking for my lo who has lots of dietary issues.

    1. I too would love a copy of the recipe book as the re released version has like 5 recipes in it :( please note the 2 underscores. it is thanks to your blog that i worked up the courage to buy a bellini :) cheers

  26. Yes please... I just purchased the Bellini but need more recipes.. Could you please also send me a copy
    thank you

  27. Another one added to the list, i would also like the recipes from previous book, very limited in the new version :{what were they thinking?
    thanks heaps

  28. Hi, I'd love a copy too if possible to emmo1982athotmaildotcom
    Thanks :)

  29. Hi, can you send me a copy also to
    Thank you in advance

  30. i have purchased my new bellini,but very disappointed with the recipe book which only has 10 recipes in it,is it possible that you could please email me some more recipes thanks heaps

  31. It seems as though we are all after the same thing, could you please forward a copy of the recipe book too.
    Im looking for a vegetarian pumpkin risotto recipe to try first That is when I open the box;)