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Thursday, March 22, 2012

My Zucchini Slice Recipe in the Intelli Kitchen Master

I make this recipe all the time, it is a staple in my household.  It is popular at BBQs, family gatherings, picnics, breakfast or dinner!  Serve it hot or cold... personally I love it best the next day, slightly warmed in the microwave to take the chill off it (from being in the fridge).

I had some zucchini's to use up and decided i'd give it a try in the Intelli Kitchen Master and I'm happy to report it tasted just the same as how I would normally do it, but it cuts down the prep time by a 3rd!

Again, I haven't weighed the ingredients, and generally you can't go wrong with a zucchini slice as long as you stick with the basics below....

2 Large Zucchinis, cut into thirds
5 spring onions, remove the roots, cut off the tops then cut into thirds
1/2 a medium green capsicum, chopped in half
100g ham, chopped or bacon pieces (optional)
1 small tin of corn, drained
6 eggs
70gr vegetable oil (this helps keep the slice nice and moist)
1 cup SR flour
1/2 tsp salt
Good dash of black pepper
Grated cheese to top

Preheat oven to 200 degrees
Place the zucchini, capsicum and spring onions in the bowl
Process on speed 5 for 5-10 seconds until chopped, but make sure you do not over chop, it's okay if it is still chunky
Remove zucchini mix from bowl and set aside in large bowl, add the corn, (ham if using) and black pepper

Do not rince the bowl, add the eggs and oil and pulse 4 times
Add the butterfly, add the flour and salt; place on speed 3 for 7 seconds until combined
Pour the egg mixture in to the zucchini mixture and combine

Meanwhile, line a deep baking dish with baking paper to stop the slice from sticking.
Pour the mixture into the dish and sprinkle with cheese
Bake for approx 40-50 minutes OR until cooked through - should be cooked in the middle, use a skewer to test, or will be firm in the middle when touched.  Cooking times may vary depending on your oven.

Serve with salad, enjoy!

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  1. Thanks for recipe, we had it for lunch today, for a non veggie option I added lots of bacon!

  2. Do you know they have withdrawn the Kitchen Machine from the shelves? I have been using my mother's machine and loving it, while mine is on layby. Target Facebook says they have removed all machines from Shelves and layby, so I can't get my machine now. Not fair. They say it heats up too quickly and burns everything. I say it depends on how you cook with it. Thanks for your Zucchini recipe.