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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

New Intelli Masters Out Now!

Hi Everyone!

I'm sorry for the absence of late, I kinda got a bit disinterested with the IM when it started to burn the bottom of the pan.

I have heard that the new IMs are out now in Target, so I emailed Bellini and they are sending me a replacement free of charge.  They told me they are currently working through the list of people who have requested a replacement and will be sending them out in the next few weeks.  (personally I hope they update the recipe book too, it's a bit so-so and boring!).

If you haven't done so, email them here:  :)

I promise to post an update when I get my new IM in a week or so.

In the meantime I'd love to hear your thoughts on the new machine, so make sure you comment below!

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  1. Very interested to hear how you go! I picked one of these up at the local target this morning. Were only two left at 8.45am! :)Lisa.

  2. I picked one up last night and today I've tried 2 different salads and a sorbet, very happy so far. Mind you I have managed for years with little more than hand held beaters and a hand held stick mixer! I know a number of people with a Thermomix and I never expected it to be the same the test will be when I cook a meal/mince etc that people have had complaints about. Found a great PDF cookbook for the Maxi Superfood Pro which appears to be an identical machine, I used a recipe from this today, the carrots didn't quite grate as directed but I got there in a matter of a few seconds and a change of speed. Can cooking ever be an exact science?? Fingers crossed for us all!!!

    1. Thanks for your feedback! I'm really looking forward to receiving my new machine soon. Would love to hear more about your cooking, so please feel free to leave comments at any stage, you can also email me too! What website did you find that cookbook on? Thanks Chloe

  3. Hello I have been keeping up with your blog I too had the original bellini but got a refund due to alot of burning.So when new one came out I had to get it brought it home...noticed a few diiferences to we now have 2 blades, one for chopping other for stiring ,as well as the butterfly attachment.In my opinion even speed 1 goes faster than it did before.Oh and the new recipe bk is dismal only 12 pages...but there r plenty of thermomix recipes u can use on the net.I have tonite made savory mince and rice for tea cooked perfectly it chopped,sauted great.Than I made desert custard with eggs I was waiting for the burn....but no got PERFECT custard and was yum so Im now thinkin perhaps they have fixed it going to bake and make roisotto t'morrow let u now how i go. bye katia

  4. I bought one the other day & made lemon meringue, turned out perfect! Cant wait to keep experminting

  5. I grabbed one last weekend, so far have made bread and a soup. Both were amazing! Would kill for a better recipe book though, the current one is decidedly average...