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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

My favourite book right now!

I recently ordered this book online through this fabulous and very competitive book store....  Their prices are the lowest by far of any of the online book stores, beating The Nile, Angus and Robertson, The Book Depository etc etc.  They also offer free postage for all orders!  My book took about 10 days to arrive.

When my book arrived I was in crafty heaven!  I read Kelly's blog regularly (see it here) and couldn't wait to get my hands on this creative book.  With ideas for sewing new projects such as satchels, baby slings, zippered purses, beach bags and a kids tea-pee (to name a few), she also includes fabulous recycled ideas such as using old woolen jumpers and turning them into sewn blankets and scarves, hot water bottle covers, socks and mittens.  There are also crafty ideas things such as kids projects, broaches and wrapping paper.

The instructions at times can be a little hard to get my head around (I'm more of a tutorial girl, rather than written instructions), but once I'd read each design step by step (a few times), I could understand what I needed to do.

She also includes information on the basics of sewing including a glossary and terms.

This book is well worth the money and I highly recommend it!

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